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Conference FAQs

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Diaspora?

A. Diaspora is the spreading of people from their homeland. In Australia and New Zealand, it encompasses but is not limited to English, Irish, Scottish, German, Vietnamese, Chinese, Lebanese, Iranians and Afghanise due to economic hardship or military conflict.

Q. Why is the Conference providing Cash Bars?

A. To minimise the cost of the conference to the attendees, a decision was made to allow them to choose what they want to consume and how much, rather than spreading the cost of an Open Bar to all attendees.

Q. Payment Methods

A. Payment is by Credit Card or Direct Deposit/Bank Transfer.  Our banking details will be displayed once you submit your form. 

Q. What are Master Classes?

A. Masterclasses are classes conducted by subject specialists to small groups which allow interaction.

Q. I need to bring my own food.

A. Venue policy is that no food may be brought on the premises. However, it is possible for you to leave it in your vehicle and consume it outside of the building.

Will the conference sessions be recorded?

A. The conference sessions are not planned to be recorded. It is proposed to place the PowerPoint presentations made available by the presenters on the Conference website following the conference. Note these will only be available to conference delegates.

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